The Strong Support the Weak

The sign said it was 5.1 km to the top, fabulous views guaranteed! This was a chance to do something unusual so I decided to take it. Around 3 km I was rethinking my decision to not bring water when I ran into her (never exchanged names). One thing led to another and a group was formed. We took turns walking point, occasionally even ground, mostly slopes.

After an hour the trail was getting the better of me. At every bend I hoped to make a turn and find the fabulous views. Instead, I met an overweight Russian bearing news.

The sign is not true. It’s another 4 km to the top. But the climb is not so hard, it gets easier. 

Free the lifeboats and send out the SOS! There was no way, easier or not, I was going to do another 4 km of this crap. Obama was running for reelection the last time I climbed anything this ambitious. I told my partner in climb I was going to stop and go back, and thank god her English wasn’t much better than my Thai. Because she just said,

Let’s go, let’s go!

And off we went. And that’s why we made it to the top. I’m glad I met her and we shared that hike. It feels good to conquer things, even if you need to lean on someone stronger.

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  1. Your Sister

    Hey, this might be my favorite one yet! You think you would have learned after we almost died of dehydration in the Anazi Mountains with U Jeff and Susan and Mom… lol can’t wait to do this in May (with water)

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