There’s a cliche among people who travel in South East Asia. Same Same But Different. Or, more often, Same SameThe saying epitomizes a lack of appreciation for the local culture and a jaded attitude towards something that ought to be special.

But in even the worst cliche there is a grain of truth. After months of pristine beaches, perfect weather and cheap beer, the experiences can bleed together. Drunk twenty-somethings, taxi drivers hawking you for a ride, rice based food. How is here different than there?

In our picture we see the cool attitude and rich tan that comes from months of travel in SEA. I never talked to these guys, they could be the most grounded, respectful men around. Or maybe they are apathetic to anything but beer and the beach. We’ll never know. Shortly after this picture was taken they got off at Koh Phi Phi, another tropical paradise.